St Joseph's Catholic School, Murray Bridge

Parents & Friends

The Parent and Friends Association (P&F) at St Joseph's is a parent-run volunteer organisation and is a welcoming and inclusive organization for all parents whose children attend St Joseph's.

Once you join the school community, you become members of the P&F and are encouraged to participate in its myriad of activities and opportunities.

As a volunteer, you can serve the school in many ways, including:

  • Building community: St Joseph's parents arrange a friendly welcome and smooth transition for all new families.
  • Fundraising: The P&F plans and co-ordinates fundraising activities throughout the year.
  • Student activities: The P&F organise events for children to participate in

To find out more about St Joseph's School P & F, contact the Deputy Principal, Erika Dixo via email: erika@stjomb.catholic.edu.au

2019 Parents & Friends Executive

  • President, Kelly Chilvers
  • Treasurer, Robyn Hampton-Allen
  • Secretary, Rachel Schulz
  • Deputy Principal, Erika Dixon

The Parent's & Friends are part of The Federation of Catholic School Communities for further information on The Federation you can visit their website  www.parentfederation.catholic.edu.au