St Joseph's Catholic School, Murray Bridge

Learning Support

Every student is unique and deserves to be part of an inclusive learning environment that nurtures the development of their individual potential...

The Inclusive Education Program at St Joseph’s School, in partnership with families and the wider community, provides support for students with a range of learning needs.

We are committed to providing relevant programs and support that caters for the needs of individual students at all stages and in all aspects of the curriculum.

We encourage contemporary, creative and flexible practices to provide opportunities for success and to foster students’ lifelong learning. We aim to identify the specific needs of all our students through a variety of methods including transition meetings and internal observations and assessments.

How we support your child

Classroom teachers are supported in assisting students by providing clarification of tasks and the utilisation of visual and verbal cues. In some instances alternative assessment tasks are negotiated in order for students with particular disabilities or difficulties to demonstrate learning.

Relevant use of Information Technology including supportive software is of great value to specific students in accessing information and completing tasks.

We provide:

  • Individual Education Programmes (IEPs) for students
  • in-class support
  • some one-to-one support and special instruction outside of class
  • access to the Special Education Rooms and resources
  • transition support
  • staff who have undergone professional development to ensure they are the best support they can be.

The Inclusion Education Co-ordinator works in collaboration with the School Leadership Team and accesses the services of Catholic Education South Australia’s (CESA) Special Education Team as well as many valuable external support providers.

For further information, please contact the Inclusive Education Co-ordinator through the School office.