St Joseph's Catholic School, Murray Bridge

Student Leadership

We take an active role in developing leadership qualities from an early age...

Children learn leadership skills through various roles in the classroom, representing their class at forums and Social Justice meetings. We want our students to be confident, independent and active participants in the life of the community when they leave St Joseph’s at the end of Year 7.

Leadership opportunities

We aim to give all children the chance to be a student leader during their years at St Joseph’s School and we acknowledge their work with a badge. Our students are given many opportunities to be student leaders:

  • The Social Justice Committee is made up of two elected members from all classes from Reception to Year 7. This  group of student leaders meet during class time throughout each term. 
  • All Year 7 students at St Joseph’s School are leaders, with every student taking part in a leadership program at school. The Year 7 teachers work as a team to build a team of leaders. The leadership theme permeates the Year 7 curriculum and as senior leaders they undertake many roles in the school.
  • Students in Years 3 and 7 have the opportunity to be elected as House Captains for the schools annual sports day.
  • Students in Years 5 to 7 are trained as Road Crossing Monitors by SAPOL and are then placed on a roster to operate the Florence Street Emu Crossing at the beginning and end of each day.
  • Upper Primary students are also involved with the Parish in planning and participating in an annual Healing Mass.